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Lisa Thomas
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If there is one quality that we all unconsciously want from any service and that we can all appreciate is one of the hardest experiences to find; its consistency. Not by setting a low expectation and being grateful for whatever you can get but setting the bar extremely high and having it met time and time again to the point that the best standard of service becomes the norm.

Lisa has been involved in the industry since 1988 and there are very few loyal, reliable and devoted individuals in this industry that you can trust to deliver the highest level of detail to a world class standard with flawless implementation.

If sales people are in the front seat, meeting and speaking with clients, Lisa is the mechanic ensuring that everything keeps working with a systematic and efficient approach behind the scenes.

What this means for our clients is that every i is dotted and every t crossed and nothing is advertised, no correspondence sent, or contract completed on their behalf unless it’s as it should be.

Being the overseer of our Best Practice and Quality Assurance 9001 systems, every measure is constantly tweaked to ensure it produces the best possible outcomes time and time and again without guess work and chance.

Lisa, though you may not get to see it, takes great pride in working for the benefit of all of us and our clients and works hard in the background to ensure the entire process runs smoothly so that everyone’s need is met and are ultimately happy, and they won’t even know why.

As a mother herself, she lives and breathes this on a daily basis with her family and the influence she has outside of our office in her community meaning that when you work with us, you’re taken care of on a level that you can feel safe knowing your interests are protected and sometimes you won’t even be able to describe it. When you hear us say, ‘Our right hand lady will get it sorted’ you can bet that the one we that we’re placing our trust in, is Lisa.

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